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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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a streetcar named desire, academy awards, adventures of priscilla, alfred hitchcock, amadeus, ancient rome, arrested development, band of brothers, bbc, bette davis, black adder, brad pitt, breaking bad, british guys, british history, bruce mcculloch, bruce springsteen, canada, canadian hockey, cate blanchett, charlie chaplin, city lights, coen brothers, contiki tours, cormac mccarthy, criminology, da vinci's inquest, daniel day-lewis, dave foley, david fincher, dexter, diana gabaldon, e.m. forster, east of eden, elton john, england, ewan mcgregor, fargo, feminism, fight club, film soundtracks, freaks and geeks, friends, gay rights, genesis, geoffrey rush, german expressionism, germany, godfather trilogy, gone with the wind, guys with scottish accents, harrison ford, harvey milk, history, hockey, homicide:life on the street, hunchback of notre dame, i love lucy, in cold blood, indiana jones, inglourious basterds, ireland, italy, j.r.r. tolkien, jack the ripper, james dean, james purefoy, jane austen, jeremy northam, jimmy stewart, johnny depp, joss stone, kate nash, kate winslet, kevin mcdonald, kids in the hall, kill bill, l.a. confidential, larry mcmurtry, last of the mohicans, lawrence of arabia, les miserables, lily allen, little dorrit, lonesome dove, lord of the rings, lost in translation, mad men, mark mckinney, marlon brando, martin scorsese, master and commander, michael jackson, monty python, movies, mulder/scully/doggett, musicals, natalie wood, north & south, old hollywood, olympics, on the waterfront, oscar wilde, outlander, oz, paul gross, paul newman, peter gabriel, peter sellers, pride and prejudice, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, richard armitage, rick mercer, robert downey jr., rome, rufus wainwright, russell crowe, scotland, scott thompson, scottish accents, six feet under, slings and arrows, some like it hot, sophia coppola, star wars, steven spielberg, stratford, summer heights high, team canada, the great escape, the king and i, the tudors, the wire, the x-files, theatre, tim burton, toronto, toronto maple leafs, traveling, true blood, tudor history, victor hugo, victorian era, vivien leigh, william shakespeare, wolf hall, wolfgang amadeus mozart, women's rights, x-files

♠ about a girl
Laura || 26 years old || Toronto, Canada || a student and aspiring journalist || character: loud, sarcastic, intuitive, dark sense of humour, a little bit crude, daydreamer, ambitious (but not obnoxiously so), fangirl, secretly romantic, outgoing with moments anti-social behaviour

♠ likes
movies: The Godfather, Amadeus, Fritz Lang's M, All About Eve, Bicycle Thieves, Some Like It Hot, City Lights, Sunset Blvd. and many, many more || books: Gone With The Wind, Lonesome Dove, Outlander series, Wolf-Hall, The Three Musketeers, The Lord of the Rings, historical biographies (especially by Antonia Fraser), anything by Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo, Elizabeth Gaskell || music: Genesis, Rufus Wainwright, Coldplay, The Beatles, Joss Stone, Lily Allen, RUSH, film soundtracks || t.v.: Six Feet Under, Arrested Development, The Kids in the Hall, Rome, Slings & Arrows, The Tudors, Homicide: Life on the Street, The X-Files, The Wire, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, True Blood, Da Vinci's Inquest, BBC miniseries || cups of tea || writing || rainy afternoons || hockey || Christmas || English and Scottish accents

♠ hates
racism || homophobia || sexism || people who use religion to promote hate || people who text and drive || snoring

♠ fandoms
TV: BBC miniseries such as Pride & Prejudice (1995), North & South, Little Dorrit, etc. || BOOKS: Outlander series, Lonesome Dove, The Lord of the Rings, Jane Austen novels, Les Miserables || MOVIES: Too many to mention

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